Is This True Love?

Is This True Love? Manga

From Mangaupdates: It feels like Seo Ahjin has been cursed: After five times dating men, all of them are jerks. Even the last one was cheating on her! Unfortunately, he was the niece of her boss. She decided to resign from her job and move to her sister's house. On her first day moving in, she drink out to relieve her stress with her friend. She was very drunk that she didn't realize she entered the wrong house. It was the house of Nam Yoojun, the popular actor whom once she met in her childhood. Ahjin has only one wish: to find a sincere love. Will it come true?Love From the Sky / Haneul-i Naelin Yeon-ae / Kekasih dari Langit / 하늘이 내린 연애